Dark Elf Pitch & Dugouts (Blood Bowl)


The Dark Elf Pitch & Dugouts Set contains a double-sided Dark Elf pitch with matching dugouts! Including Rules, Game Board and more!

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The Dark Elf Pitch & Dugouts features a double-sided board with matching dugouts!

On one side of the board there is a Dark Elf home pitch displayed on the deck of a ship, featuring a huge Dark Elf team icon. Teams will need to be careful as they may just attract the attention of a sea monster! The opposite side of the board displays the pitch half-submerged, featuring tentacles across the wooden surface.

Dugouts also feature calm and submerged sides, also including the usual Reserves, Knocked Out and Casualty boxes. The rules for representing particular features of the pitch will also be found in this set.

Dark Elf Pitch & Dugouts Components

Find the full list of game components for Dark Elf Pitch & Dugouts below:

  • Double-Sided Game Board
  • Rules
  • Trackers
  • More!

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Blood Bowl


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