Da Red Gobbo & Bounca


Celebrate the festive season with Da Red Gobbo & Bounca covered in Christmas decorations! This is a limited miniature and is only available until the end of December.

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Da Red Gobbo & Bounca are here to dispense presents to all of the good little grots. This model is packed full with joyous details including baubles and ornaments hanging from the squig’s antlers!

It is clear that Christmas has begun when Da Red Gobbo appears with his huge bag of presents and hops on the back of his squig to take to the skies. The pair are on a mission to deliver lots of joy and cheer to all, even if they don’t want it. Should they decide to deny these festive gifts, Da Red Gobbo is ready and packing the might of Da Revolushun in the form of the kustom grot blasta.

This kit contains a special and unique miniature, depicting Da Red Gobbo riding his squig, and is armed with weapons including the kustom grot blasta, stikkbomz, and Bounca’s jaws. The miniature is completely covered in festive details, including a medal to confirm his festive season veterancy. Bounca is also bedecked with reindeer antlers and can also be personalised with a big red festive nose. This box set also contains rules for use in Warhammer Legends play, allowing Da Red Gobbo to be used with Orks armies.

We highly recommend using the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to assemble your new miniature and bring them to life!

Da Red Gobbo & Bounca Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x15
  • Citadel 40mm Scenic Base

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