Gain the favour of Gods and build on ancient Greek islands in this fantasy board game of Cyclades. Compete against players to build two cities and earn support from Mythological Creatures to win the game!

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Cyclades is a fantasy board game where 2-5 players aged 13 years or over will control and construct buildings. The board game is set in and around Greek mythology where players must gain the favour of the Gods and build cities on the ancient Greek islands.

Explore different islands and use your soldiers to attack and boost your position. This adventure game comes with multiple abilities and actions to keep the entertainment going until there is one lucky winner. The game will end once a player owns 2 Metropolises and claims victory!

Cyclades Gameplay

Below is an overview of how to play Cyclades:

  1. Begin each cycle by updating the Mythological Creature Track.
  2. If the creature on the “2 GP “ space was not used in the previous round, discard it.
  3. Move all other cards and fill spaces by drawing new ones.
  4. Draw the first creature and place it on the left hand space.
  5. If this creature has not been used during the second cycle, move it to the right.
  6. Shuffle the large God tiles and place on the correct spaces and use them throughout the next cycle.
  7. Each player will earn 1 GP for each prosperity marker they control.
  8. To gain support of the Gods, players will have to spend.
  9. Perform actions starting with the first player to bid on the first God.
  10. Actions include Call Upon Mythological Creatures, Recruit, Build, Special Actions and Increase Revenue.
  11. When every player has replaced their offering marker the round will finish.
  12. If a player own 2 Metropolises the game will end and they win!

Game Components

Find the game components for Cyclades below:

  • Game Board
  • 2x Dice
  • 100x Gold Pieces
  • 31x Markers
  • 4x Large God Tiles
  • 40x Building Tiles
  • 10x Metropolis
  • 5x Player Screens
  • 52x Cards
  • 80x Figurines
  • 10x Offering Tokens
  • 5x Big Figurines

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