Cosmic Encounter Revised Edition


Oversee the fate of the alien species in this 42nd Anniversary Edition of Cosmic Encounter. Build a galactic empire and control the universe with your own unique powers!

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Gather 3-5 players aged 14 and over to play Cosmic Encounter Revised Edition and form colonies on five different planets. Each player chooses to play as one alien which has their own unique power. The alien card will provide you with a description of your power, whether it is optional to use, what phase it can be played in and how to use it. The complex game includes over 50 different species to choose from, so every game will be different.

Cosmic Encounter Revised Edition has new spaceships and a freshly revised rulebook, so it is easier to learn. Become the leader of your own alien species and launch your own spaceships through the hyperspace gate. If you are lucky enough to establish five colonies in other player’s planets, you will become the winner!

Cosmic Encounter Revised Edition Gameplay

Here is how to play Cosmic Encounter:

  1. Deal out eight cards to each player.
  2. Draw a destiny card until a colour is picked.
  3. The player whose colour is revealed will be the first player.
  4. Each turn contains seven phases: Regroup, Destiny, Launch, Alliance, Planning, Reveal & Resolution.
  5. The first phase is regroup. The player can take one of their ships out of the warp.
  6. In the destiny phase players will draw a destiny card and have an encounter with the colour revealed.
  7. The launch phase means the player can build their attacking fleet by taking ships from their planets and putting them on the hyperspace gate.
  8. In the alliance phase, you can form alliances with other players so you can sway the outcome of the encounter in your favour.
  9. During the planning phase, each player selects one encounter card and places it facedown. This is important because it will be used to determine the outcome of the encounter.
  10. The reveal phase is where both the offensive and defensive players reveal their encounter cards.
  11. The resolution phase is where players resolve the encounter according to its outcome.
  12. First player to establish five colonies on other player’s planets wins, so choose your moves wisely!

Game Components

  • Rulebook
  • Warp Token
  • Hyperspace Gate
  • 25 Player Planets
  • 100 Plastic Ships
  • 50 Alien Sheets
  • 162 Cards
  • 56 Tokens
  • 1 Genesis Planet
  • 1 Alternate Filch Flare

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