Colt Express


It’s 10am on the 11th of July,1899 and gunfire can be heard as heavily armed bandits rob the innocent. Players must compete to become the richest outlaw by shooting and fighting other bandits during the hunt for money. Will you succeed in stealing the suitcase full of cash?

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Colt Express is a card-driven board game where 2-6 players aged 10 years and over will compete for money. Play a bandit that must go up against others as you all attempt to rob the train for the suitcase which holds the weekly pay of the Nice Valley Coal Company.

The game is set on a 3D train in which bandits will have to run between each car, all packed full of gems and bags of loot. Each character will have a special power to help them progress throughout the game. For example, one special power is gaining a bag of loot when you punch someone.

When the game ends the player that fired the most bullets will receive a bonus and the richest player will win the game!

Colt Express Gameplay

Find a simplified version of how to play Colt Express below:

  1. Players begin the round by shuffling their deck and drawing six cards.
  2. The chosen first player will draw the round card and place it so all can see.
  3. This card will represent the number of turns there will be during this phase.
  4. In turns, players will either play an action card or take an additional three cards from their deck for the first phase.
  5. The second phase requires Bandit Actions to be performed starting with the top card.
  6. Each player will shuffle their cards and announce the new first player for the second round.
  7. After five rounds the fame will end.
  8. The richest player wins!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Colt Express below:

  • Locomotive
  • Marshal Pawn
  • Train Cards x6
  • Terrain Elements x10
  • Round Cards x17
  • Neutral Bullet x13
  • Character Cards x6
  • Action Cards x60
  • Bullet Cards x36
  • Bandit Pawn x6

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