Colourbrain Junior


Colourbrain has returned with a version more suitable for kids aged six and above. Colourbrain Junior Board Game includes 120 questions ranging from Mario Kart to Harry Potter for all kids to enjoy.

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Colourbrain Junior invites all the children to get involved with 2+ players in a kids quiz game. With the answers already in your hand this game should be quick to play and easy to learn. Split into teams and use your eleven colours to answer the question and score yourself a point for every team that gets it wrong. If all the teams get a question wrong, no-one scores, If all teams get the question right, it starts a roll over. This means that a team earns a bonus point if they get the next question right. If everyone gets it right during the next round then two points roll over to the next question, and so on. However, If every team plays a wrong answer on a roll over question, then all roll over points will be lost.

If a team go into the lead you can slow them down by paying a colour capture card. You can only play this card once, and only against the team in the lead. The number on your colour capture card reveals how many cards you can blindly pick from the team in the lead. The team in the lead will have to play the next round without these cards.

Colourbrain Junior Gameplay

Below is a simplified set of steps to play the Colourbrain Junior Game:

  1. Split into two to four teams which as many players as you would like on each one.
  2. Give each team a set on the eleven colour cards.
  3. Deal out one colour catcher card to each team at random.
  4. Place a pile of question cards in the middle of the table with the question facing upwards.
  5. Use the colours to answer the question, first team to place their cards down will shout ‘Colourbrain’.
  6. Remaining teams now have only 10 seconds to play their cards or they will miss out.
  7. All teams can now flip over their colour cards to reveal what colours they chose.
  8. Flip over the question card to reveal the answer.
  9. If you have answered correctly and at least one other team has got it wrong, reward yourself a point.
  10. The first team to 10 points wins!

Game Components

  • 120 Question Cards
  • 24 Colour Cards
  • 1 Set of Rules

How to play Colourbrain Junior

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