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This Orks Codex is the essential guide to fielding Ork armies. The 136-page book includes Rules, History, Datasheets, Warlord Traits and so much more!

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The Orks Codex is the definitive book for Orks collectors. This 136-page hardback contains a wealth of background and rules to get you started with the chapter. Inside this book you will find background information about Ork conflicts from the past and present, stunning artwork of painted miniatures to help inspire your collection and so much more. Gain a better understanding of the Ork armies as well as all the troops, leaders, and war machines that fight alongside them. Learn everything you need to know in order to field the Orks in battle on the tabletop and discover 61 datasheets, 7 Clan Kulturs, Stratagems, Relics, and more.

Warhammer 40k Orks, also referred to as greenskins, are a brutal and animalistic species which is known for spreading like the plague across the Galaxy. This dangerous xeno race are incredibly violent and what they may lack in intelligence is made up for by their strength and unpredictability.

Orks have been known to battle between themselves just like they do with other races. If they could unite they would certainly crush their enemies through sheer numbers alone. They live for the thrill of the fight and when they organise under a mighty WAAAGH! the galaxy quivers.

Orks Codex Contents

Find the full list of contents for the Orks Codex below:

  • Datasheets x61
  • Clan Kulturs x7
  • Stratagems
  • Relics
  • Warlord Traits
  • Thrilling Tales of the Orks
  • Army Rules – Datasheets Covering Every Unit
  • Lore on the Clans and Freebooterz – Unique Kulturs and how to Structure Armies
  • Matched Play Rules – Also Includes Secondary Objectives
  • Suite of Rules – Narrative Games including Agendas, Battle Traits, Requsitions, Crusade Relics, Scrap, Might Makes Right and More

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