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The brand new 2021 Grey Knights Codex is the essential guide for all collectors! Containing rules, background information, datasheets and all you need to join the battles of Warhammer 40k!

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This 112-page Grey Knights Codex contains a wealth of information about the secretive Space Marines. The elite warriors are clad in power armour featuring unusual designs and armed with their psychic powers. They have all experienced training to channel their psychic energies and unleash their powerful abilities during battle. As a result of this, they are able to wield magic and become immune to corruption without risk of the cursed power of chaos.

Warhammer 40k Grey Knights were created by the Emperor to become humanity’s best weapon against chaos. The mysterious chapter are greatly feared and are well known for being relentless when hunting down daemons. As a result of their training, each warrior has the ability to go up against dozens of daemons with ease and complete success. This definitive book will teach you how to use your army and all about their history!

A copy of the Warhammer 40k rulebook is required to follow the rules within this codex.

Grey Knights Codex Contents

Find the full list of contents for Grey Knights Codex below:

  • History of the Grey Knights
  • A Guide to the Organisation
  • Background Details for Each Unit and Character
  • Showcase of Citadel Miniatures
  • Rules for Units
  • Datasheets x32
  • Stratagems and Relics
  • Crusade Section – Agendas, Battle Traits, Crusade Relics, Requisitions, Honoured Tiles, Psychic Fortitudes and Daemonic Nemesis Rules
  • Lots more!

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