Chaos Space Marines Codex


Explore the dark world of the Heretic Astartes with this Chaos Space Marines Codex! Enhance your battles with Stratagems, Rules and so much more!


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This Chaos Space Marines Codex allows you to discover how they came to be, their dark plans and how they fight during battle. Throughout the Codex you will come across timelines which explore the history of these warriors, all the way back to the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Showcases of art will also help to inspire your collection of Chaos Space Marines and how to paint their incredible details. Rules found throughout will allow you to field armies from the Black Legion, Alpha Legion, World Eaters, Night lords World Bearers, Emperor’s Children and Iron Warriors. This book is an incredible resource for collectors and contains tips for building your unique army, examples of the force and lots of invaluable reference material.

A copy of the original codex or Vigilus Ablaze is not required to use this product.

Chaos Space Marines Codex Contents

Find the full list of components below:

  • Lore and Art – Explore both the History and Goals of Chaos Space Marines
  • Showcase of Painted Miniatures
  • Datasheets – Rules for Chaos Space Marines and Noctilith Crown Piece x53
  • Profiles – Weapons, Wargear and Chaos Icons
  • Legion Traits – Rules for the Black Legion, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Wood Bearers, World Eaters, Emperor’s Children and Renegade Chapters
  • Unique Stratagems x24
  • Prayers to the Dark Gods
  • The Dark Hereticus and Malefic Psychic Disciplines
  • Artefacts of Chaos – Weapons and Artefacts
  • Warlord Traits
  • Points Value – For Every Unit, Weapon and Wargear Piece
  • Tactical Objectives x6

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