Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure


Sneak through dungeons as you take on the roles of thieves stealing precious artifacts. Be careful to not make too much noise, as a dragon also lurks close by!

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Clank! is a deck building adventure game for 2-4 players aged 12 years and over. Players must sneak their way through the dark dungeons and avoid waking up the dragon as they steal precious artifacts.

The game is played using a deck-building mechanism, and players will use their cards to lead them through the game. Cards can give points, currency and even weapons to help you escape. Use these advantages to steal loot and avoid damage as you make your way to the exit. However, one wrong move and CLANK! the dragon awakes and you will have to run for your life! The player who escapes the dungeon alive and with the most wealth will become the winner of Clank!

Clank! Gameplay

A brief overview on how to play Clank! can be found below:

  1. Players will begin the game by playing their five cards in turns.
  2. If a dragon card is revealed during this stage, you must take all Clank cubes and add them to the dice bag.
  3. Pick up the amount of cubes shown on the rage trap, if it’s black it can go back in the bad but if the cube has colour the player will take damage.
  4. Once a player has left the dungeon they will add up their points and wait for the others.
  5. This player is able to start the countdown timer so the other players may face more damage.
  6. The players who escape the dungeons with the most wealth wins!

Game Components

Below is a full list of components for Clank!

  • Double-Sided Game Board
  • 182 Game Cards
  • Cloth
  • 4 Thief Meeples
  • 120 Player Clank! Cubes
  • Dragon Rage Meeple
  • 24 Dragon Cubes
  • 32 Gold Piece Tokens
  • 11 Major Secret Tokens
  • 18 Minor Secret Tokens
  • 7 Artifact Tokens
  • 3 Crown Tokens
  • 2 Backpack Tokens
  • 2 Master Key Tokens
  • 3 Monkey Idol Tokens
  • 4 Mastery Tokens
  • Rulebook

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