Citadels Revised Edition


Play local citizens and impress the monarchy by building a medieval city fit for a king. This edition of Citadels features a new cast of nine characters and new districts!


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Citadels is a family board game for 2-8 players aged 10 years and over. Lasting roughly 60 minutes a game, players will start with a number of building cards with their hand to begin the game. Buildings come in five different colours and abilities when playing different characters.

Each character will have a special ability that can be used once during their turn. The usefulness of these abilities will depend on your situation in the game. Examples of characters are assassins, thieves, wizards and warlords. All characters will be able to carry out different actions, an example of this would be the thief stealing gold from other players.

Citadels will end when the round finishes and a player has their eighth building. All players will then tally up their points, the player with the highest amount wins!

Citadels Gameplay

Brief overview of how to play, we also recommend watching the video below:

  1. Draw a card from the character deck and place it face-down in the middle of the playing area.
  2. Draw a card for each player from the character deck and place them face-up in the middle of the playing area. If a King is drawn, replace it another card.
  3. The player with the crown will take the character deck and secretly chooses a character. Pass on the remaining cards until all players have chosen a character. Remaining cards are placed face-down back in the middle.
  4. The player with the crown will now call out the names of each character in order. If the player has that character, they must reveal their card and take their turn.
  5. They will take an action and take two gold or draw two distinct cards and choose one.
  6. After the chosen action they will be able to build one district card in your city. To do this they must pay the cost.
  7. Once all players have had their turn a new round will begin with new characters.
  8. When a player has built their eighth district the game will end. The player with the most points will win. In the event of a tie, the player with the most gold wins.

Game Components

Components for the game are listed below:

  • 27 Character Cards
  • 30 Gold Counters
  • 84 District Cards
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • Rulebook
  • 32 Tokens
  • Plastic Crown

How to Play Citadels

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