Chronomancer (Necrons)


The Chronomancer forms a part of the Necron species as a master of time and knowledge. The incredible miniature is capable of changing time and using it as a weapon against all enemies!

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The Chronomancer is a Cryptek master of time and knowledge. Capable of changing time, the chronomancer is rarely trusted as they know how events will unfold and can block blows from the enemy. Their abilities are sought after by the Necron Overlords, who will meet their demands in exchange for services. Also known as the Harbinger of Eternity, the miniature comes equipped with an aeonstave or entropic lance.

Crypteks form part of the Necron species as technological specialists that study the technology of their race. They will use their knowledge to manipulate and harness the physical forces of the universe and produce seemingly magical effects. This includes setting the air ablaze, turning the enemy to liquid adamantium and calling down bolts of lighting.

Necrons are a mysterious xenos species that are beginning to awaken after being dormant in their tombs for 60 million Terran years. The species of humanoid, robotic, skeletal warriors were once servants of the Star God. Now they have returned as ruthless killing machines, that aim to take over the Galaxy yet again.  Their only purpose is to reclaim lands and restore their ancient ruling by all means.

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This Chronomancer kit comes with a variety of choices including three different heads, two left hand options and different weaponry.

Chronomancer Components

Assemble, Paint and Battle using the following components:

  • 17x Plastic Parts
  • Citadel 40mm Round Base

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