Chronicles of Crime


Solve crime stories using a board game, mobile app, and virtual reality. The quicker you solve the case, the higher you score!

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Chronicles of crime allows you to become a detective using an app which can be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play Store. 1-4 players aged 14 or above will user their time wisely as they solve a variety of cases lasting around 60-90 minutes. Players can unlock new stories, clues, and evidence by scanning the QR codes found throughout the game. For example, the game will start with the chief who will provide the victim and location when you scan the QR code found on his card.

Chronicles of Crime also has released VR glasses you can purchase to become a part of the crime scene. However, the game can still be played without them. The quicker you solve a case, the better your final score will be. This is because as time passes a character may move location, the killer may claim another victim, and so on. Each action you take regarding the investigation will add 5 minutes to your time, so be efficient!

Chronicles of Crime Gameplay

Begin the Chronicles of Crime by following our rules below:

  1. To begin, load the app and scan the QR code found on the chief’s card.
  2. This will reveal the case you are investigating. Find the victims card and place it on the board.
  3. Ask the chief about the victim by scanning the QR code found on their card.
  4. Find the location sheet from the information given and place on the board.
  5. Travel to the location by scanning the QR code, this will add 20 minutes to your time.
  6. Spread your evidence category cards face up in the middle of your playing area.
  7. The player chosen to search the scene will explain what they see to the other players.
  8. After 40 seconds the time will run out. Using your evidence category cards, find any that could match the scene.
  9. Scan each selected item and see if they relate to the case. The app will reveal whether or not what you have found is a clue, if it is place it on your evidence board.
  10. Use your forensic contacts whenever you choose, and they will give you extra information regarding the case.
  11. Anytime you see a star icon and a number on the app, you will get that item from the cards with the star backs. Add these to your evidence board.
  12. These steps will be repeated as you come across new characters, locations, and evidence.
  13. Once you believe you have solved the case, give your report to the chief and answer the questions given.
  14. You will be given a score based on whether you were correct and how long it took you to finish the case!

Game Components

  • Crime Board
  • Character Cards
  • Location Cards
  • Clue Cards
  • Chronicles of Crime App

How to play Chronicles of Crime

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