Chaos Warriors

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Archaon’s brutal Chaos warriors march forth with a daemonic reverence, cutting a swathe through anything that stands in their way. Build your chaos army with this kit containing sixteen Warhammer Age of Sigmar chaos warriors.

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A numberless horde trampling the realms beneath iron-shod feet, the horn-helmed killers known as the Chaos Warriors are legion. Only Azyr has escaped their wrath – every other mortal realm rings to the sound of their savagery. These men have cast aside everything in favour of eternal war and the promise of power – some may yet bask in the glory they seek, but for most there is only a future of blood, violence and brutal fate.

This kit contains sixteen plastic Chaos Warriors, armed with either Chaos hand weapons and Chaos Runeshields or a Chaos hand weapon in either hand. Supplied with sixteen Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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