Chaos Space Marines Havocs


This multipart plastic kit contains the components for a heavy support choice for the Chaos Space Marines! Including four Chaos Space Marine Havocs, one Aspiring Champion and a huge range of heavy weaponry.


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This kit contains all the components to assemble four Chaos Space Marines Havocs and an Aspiring Champion. If you’re looking for heavy fire support then the Havocs offer you everything you could possibly need and more. Included is a wide variety of murderous weaponry to annihilate the enemies. The Havocs help to provide the Traitor Legions with anti-infantry and their anti-armour firepower. They picture themselves as the Gods of the battlefield, as they blast insect vermin and pour heavy fire into the enemy ranks.

Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines are known for being strong, fearless but also extremely selfish. The ancient enemy of the Imperium have been corrupted by the offerings of the Armies of Chaos. Their corruption of Chaos spreads far and wide, reaching all corners of The Imperium so all chapters, planets and star systems will succumb to the alure of Chaos.

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Chaos Space Marines Havocs Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Multipart Plastic Havocs x4
  • Autocannons x2
  • Heavy Bolters x2
  • Lascannons x2
  • Missile Launchers x2
  • Reaper Chaincannon
  • Multipart Plastic Aspiring Champion
  • Plasma Gun
  • Meltagun
  • Flamer
  • Power Maul
  • Chainsword

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