Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour


The Chaos Lords are the most powerful of the Space Marines, with genetic advantages of a Space Marine as well as the blessings of the Dark Gods! This kit contains the components to assemble the Chaos Lord in Terminator armour and a variety of weapons.

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This kit contains the necessary components to assemble the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour and a variety of weapons. With the genetic advantages belonging to a Space Marine combined with the blessings of Dark Gods the lord makes a dangerous edition to the galaxy.

Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines, also referred to as Traitor Marines, Heretic Astartes or Renegade Marines are the former Space Marines of the Imperium of Man. They have chosen to abandon the Emperor of Mankind and completely dedicate themselves to Chaos. Usually belonging to one of nine traitor legions, they betrayed the Emperor throughout the Horus Heresy which took place over 10,000 years ago. These Chaos Space Marines embody all that is the darkness of Warhammer 40,000 and make the ultimate villains of the Imperium!

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Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Multi-Part Plastic Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord
  • Combi-Weapons
  • Power Weapons
  • Weapon Options
  • Option for Chaos Space Marines Terminator Sorcerer

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