Century Spice Road


Explore the history of spice-trading and become leaders who aim to deliver spices for fame and glory. Race against over players to be the first to complete five demand cards and win Century Spice Road!

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Century Spice Road is a game where 3-5 players aged 8 years and over will deliver spices to gain fame and glory. Each player will perform actions such as establishing trade routes, making trades, fulfilling demands and resting. The game continues in rounds until a player has claimed their fifth victory point card.

Enjoy the artwork displayed throughout the game of Century Spice Road, such as the cards, coins and more. Explore history and discover the spice trading road as you collect points and become the winner of the game. However, players will need to be clever as they are limited to ten spices which are portrayed by the cubes. So, will you complete many orders or fewer valuable ones?

Century Spice Road Gameplay

Below is a simplified version of how to play:

  1. During each turn you can choose between four different actions.
  2. You can play a card and take the action required before discarding it.
  3. Merchant cards can also be taken at a price and can be played whenever you choose.
  4. Points cards cost a set amount of cubes and can earn you tokens.
  5. Score three points for gold tokens, one for silver and another one for all non-yellow cubes.
  6. The last option is to rest and take back all previously played cards.
  7. Once a player has taken their fifth point card the game will end, the player with the most points wins!

Game Components

Here you will find a list of the full components:

  • 36 Point Cards
  • 43 Merchant Cards
  • 10 Starter Merchant Cards
  • 10 Gold Tokens
  • 10 Silver Tokens
  • 5 Caravan Cards
  • 4 Plastic Pots
  • 105 Cubes

How to Play Century Spice Road

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