Caverna: Cave vs Cave


Discover the mountains, construct buildings and dig for metals in this game of Caverna Cave vs Cave! Can you collect enough gold to win?

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Get together with one other player aged 10 years or over and begin building your workforce for this game of Caverna Cave vs Cave. Players must be strategic in their search for gold and building walls that are limited within the mountains. Some walls will require specific configuration, so be careful when managing your resources.

Throughout this game players will take a set number of actions which will begin to increase as the game goes on. These actions are vital and allows you to search caves, gain resources and more. Use these actions to gain the resources needed for building your walls and become victorious!

At the end of the game the player with the most rooms built and gold collected will become the winner. However, the fun doesn’t stop there as you can go back to the game anytime and try to beat your previous scores!

Caverna Cave vs Cave Gameplay

A quick overview on how to play Cave vs Cave can be seen below:

  1. Each player will start the game with their player board that contains the appropriate tiles.
  2. Players are able to keep track of their resources using a tracking table.
  3. At the start of each round, an action tile will be revealed.
  4. Players will alternate taking actions as they increase over the course of the game.
  5. Removes tiles from the board and complete actions.
  6. Return action tiles to the board and pass the starting player token on to the next player.
  7. Add new tiles that will include rooms for immediate use.
  8. After eight rounds, players will add up their points and announce the winner!

Game Components

The game components are in a list below:

  • 12 Action Tiles
  • 24 Room Tiles
  • 12 Goods Indicators
  • Additional Cavern Tiles
  • 7 Walls
  • 4 Action Markers
  • Starting Player Tile
  • 2 Cave Boards
  • Rule Book

Caverna Cave vs Cave Review

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