Catan 5 & 6 Player Extension


Expand your original Catan game with this extension so that you can now play with 5-6 players. Bring more players and steal more materials than ever before!

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Continue building settlements, cities and roads to become the dominant force on the island in this Catan extension! Bring along more players to join in on the fun as you collect and steal even more wood, brick, grain, sheep and stone to build civilisations and gain points.

Games of Catan start when all players have placed their settlements on the hex tiles with roads attached to them. Players can then take it in turns to roll dice and collect materials to help build their cities. The first player to earn 10 points is the ultimate winner!

Catan Extension Gameplay

Find our brief description on how to play Catan below:

  1. Begin by rolling the dice, if the numbers match up with the hex tiles the resource can be produced.
  2. If you happen to roll a seven, players with more than seven cards must return half to the bank.
  3. Now move the robber to a hex tile and steal a card from the player with a settlement on that hex.
  4. Discuss and trade your resources with others.
  5. Roads can also then be built adjacent to roads or building you own with a price.
  6. The Special Knight Cards will allow you to move the robber and steal.
  7. Those who play three Special Knight Cards gain the largest army tile.
  8. Resolve and effects after building and continue playing clockwise.
  9. Continue the game until a player scores 10 or more victory points and announce the winner!

Game Components

The full game components for Catan 5&6 Play Extension are in a list below:

  • 11 Terrain Hexes
  • 4 Sea Pieces
  • 2 Harbour Tiles
  • 2 Full Sets of Player Pieces
  • 25 Resource Cards
  • 9 Development Cards
  • 2 Blank Cards
  • 1 Blank Hex
  • 28 Numbered Tokens

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