Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a tile-laying game where players must build a castle for the Kind Ludwig II of Bavaria. Players will take on the task of adding rooms to the castles and becoming the Master Builder.

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Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a game where 1-4 players aged 13 years or over take it in turns to be the Master Builder. Players will also take on roles as building contractors and add rooms to the castle by purchasing them from the chosen Master Builder.

Master Builders are in charge of replacing all cards and pricing the tiles. They will receive money from other players which they will need to keep for the next round when they become building contractors again. The game will end after several rounds when all buildings have ran out. Those who have reached the King’s demands and have the most popular rooms will score points. Completed rooms will have all entrances connected and the player who has the highest amount of points at the end wins!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Gameplay

Find an overview on how to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig below:

  1. During each turn there will be a different Master Builder, their role is to replace cards and price tiles.
  2. Points are scored when players create their rooms and the money goes to the Master.
  3. Rooms are completed when all entrances are attached to other rooms.
  4. Score your rooms points using the room completion bonus.
  5. Continue playing until buildings run out.
  6. The player with the highest points wins!

Game Components

The full list of components is below:

  • Contract Board
  • Corridor Board
  • Wooden Player Markers
  • Master Builder Token
  • Scoreboard
  • Coin Tokens
  • Rules
  • 2x Room Boards
  • 4x Foyers
  • 4x Player Aids
  • 6x Stairs
  • 9x Hallways
  • 22x Favour Tiles
  • 27x Bonus Cards
  • 50x Room Cards
  • 75x Room Tiles

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