Cash ‘N’ Guns Second Edition


Cash ‘N’ Guns is a party board game featuring a gangster band that can’t agree on how to split their loot. So, get your guns at the ready as only the richest surviving gangster will win!


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Cash ‘N’ Guns is a game where 4-6 players aged 10 years and over will compete for their lives. The goal of the game is to be the richest player after eight rounds while still remaining alive.

The round begins with the chosen Godfather controlling the pace of the game. Players will reveal loot cards and load their guns ready for the countdown to begin. The bluffing game requires decisions to be made, such as whether players will back down or continue to stand.

The party game is guaranteed to cause laughter and fun, the player with the most valuable stash will win the game!

Cash ‘N’ Guns Gameplay

Below is an overview on how to play Cash ‘N’ Guns:

  1. Begin your turn by flipping eight loot cards face-up.
  2. Secretly choose a bullet card and place it face-down.
  3. The Godfather player will count to three, each player must hold another at gunpoint.
  4. Godfather can order players to change their target.
  5. Players now have the choice to lay down their character or leave them standing.
  6. If a player still has a card in front of them they must apply its effects.
  7. Each player with their character standing takes a share of the loot.
  8. The game ends after the eighth turn and all cards have been distributed.
  9. Players that are still alive claim victory!

Game Components

Find the full list of components for Cash ‘N’ Guns below:

  • Rulebook
  • Godfather Big Token
  • Godfather Desk
  • Diamond Bonus Big Token
  • 8x Foam Guns
  • 18x Wound Tokens
  • 9x Plastic Base
  • 8x Character Cardboard Silhouettes
  • 16x Power Cards
  • 64x Bullet Cards
  • 64x Loot Cards

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