Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series Stride Deckset – Harri

RRP: £85.00


With “Masked Magician, Harri” at the center of the stage, put on a show no one will forget with ?Pale Moon? units!
A pre-constructed deck and a set of sleeves are included within the short storage box!
Featured Nation: Dark States

Product Specifications
12 Decksets in1 Carton
1 Deckset contains:
• 1 Pre-constructed Deck (55 Cards + 9 Cards) [G Deck: 8 Cards, Crest: 1 Card]
o All new cards (excluding G unit cards) will have 1 copy with RRR treatment. All G unit cards will have 1 copy with SP treatment and 3 cards will have RRR treatment.
• 1 Short Storage Box
• 1 Pack of Sleeves (53 Pieces)
• 1 Sheet of Fighter’s Coin (Cardboard)
• 1 Energy Counter

Card Types
20 Types (14 New cards + 6 Reissue cards)

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg