Carcassonne (2015 New edition)


Discover the countryside in this tile-laying game inspired by the medieval fortress, Carcassonne. Players will create cities, roads, fields and monasteries in their journey to score points, the player with the most wins!

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Carcassonne is a game where 2-5 players aged 8 years and over will discover the town of Carcassonne. Following set rules players will build the landscape and earn points by placing down tiles. Think tactically as players are limited to just seven meeples each so place them carefully to be in for the chance of winning!

Take on a variety of different roles including knights, farmers, monks or thieves all depending on the tiles you choose to place. The amount of points scored depends on your meeple and where it has been situated, so players must consider whether they want to earn less points quicker or more points slower.

Carcassonne Gameplay

A brief explanation on how to play Carcassonne can be found below:

  1. Begin the game by shuffling the land tiles and placing them face-down in stacks.
  2. Place the starting tile in the centre of the playing area.
  3. Each player will need eight meeples and one of each need placing at the start of the scoreboard.
  4. On a players turn, they will place a tile drawn from the stack and continue the landscape.
  5. Players may choose to place their meeple onto their tile on either a road, city, field or monastery.
  6. If a road is completed, players will score points and return their meeple.
  7. The player with the most meeples in a city will receive all points once its complete.
  8. Meeples on a field, otherwise known as farmers, stay in place throughout the entire game and score points equal to the number of completed cities in contact with their field.
  9. Meeples located on a monastery tile scores points once completely surrounded by tiles.
  10. When a meeple completes these features, players must move the score board accordingly.
  11. The game will end when all tiles have been placed.
  12. The player with the highest amount of points wins!

Game Components

Below is a list of the full game components for Carcassonne:

  • Start Tile
  • 71 Land Tiles
  • Scoring Track
  • Rule Booklet

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