Captain Sonar


Play in teams and take on roles including a Captain, First Mate, Radio Operator and Engineer. Players must work together as cooperation is crucial to save your submarine from damage and win the game!

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Captain Sonar is a game where 2-8 players aged 14 years or over can become teams in control of submarines. The aim of the game is to track down your enemy and blow them out of the water before they get to you first. To do this, each player is given important roles known as the Captain, First Mate, Radio Operator and Engineer who must work together if they want to achieve success!

Games of Captain Sonar can be played in two different modes, including turn-by-turn play or simultaneous. The game also includes multiple maps with different levels of difficulty so the action never stops. The winners of the game goes to the team with the surviving submarine!

Captain Sonar Gameplay

Below is a brief overview on how to play Captain Sonar:

  1. The role of the captain is to move the boat and activate systems, to do this the captain must state the direction they wish to go out loud (north, south, east or west).
  2. Mark the path taken on the captain’s map, making sure not to move into islands or cross your own path.
  3. The radio operator has the job of listening to other teams captain’s and guess where they are located.
  4. To do this, use the clear plastic sheet over your map and draw lines where you think they are.
  5. First mate has to charge up the special systems, they do this by marking a space on the board when their captain states they are moving.
  6. Once the first mate has marked their board the captain can move the boat, if the special system is fully charged the player must say ‘mine ready’ and activate the system.
  7. Role of the engineer is to mark a symbol on their board based on the direction the captain has announced.
  8. If the ship has taken damage, the player must announce it and erase all breakdowns from their board before repairing it.
  9. Games of Captain Sonar end when a submarine has suffered 4 damage and is destroyed, bringing victory to the surviving team!

Game Components

Below you will find a list of the full game components for Captain Sonar:

  • 24 Role Sheets

One for each team:

  • First Mate Sheet
  • Engineer Sheet
  • 5 Captain Sheets
  • 5 Radio Operator Sheets
  • 2 Transparent Sheets
  • 8 Erasable Marker Pens
  • 2 Screens

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