Trajann Valoris (Adeptus Custodes)


Trajann Valoris is the greatest warrior to ever hold the grand title of Captain-General and has many great qualities. He is possibly the deadliest warrior of the whole Imperium, making this a must have miniature for all collectors!

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Trajann Valoris is the Chief Custodian of the Adeptus Custodes and possibly the deadliest warrior in the Imperium. His eye-catching Castellan Plate armour stands out even among his Custodes brothers, as it features an eagle’s head and incorporates large feathers. His striking cloak is made from the lions shelter with his head and front paws appearing over his right shoulder. The suit is covered in details representing the Adeptus Custodes, such as gemstones and eagles. The Watcher’s Axe is his main weapon but he also carries a Misericordia and Moment Shackle.

Adeptus Custodes are the protectors of the Emperor of Mankind and the Imperial Palace. They are elite bodyguards with the duty of controlling who enters the palace and when, because of this they are rarely ever seen outside of the world holy Terra. However, their unique fighting skills and incredible determination help them to battle against any opponent who dares threaten their master.

Get creative and use the Citadel glue and paints to bring your miniature to life. The Citadel Colour System provides a huge range of colours all made specifically for Warhammer painting. One primed and ready, introduce the Chief Custodian to all your future Warhammer 40k battles!

This kit contains all the necessary components to assemble one Captain-General Trajann Valoris.

Trajann Valoris Components

Find the full list of components for Trajann Valoris below:

  • Components x19
  • Citadel 40mm Round Base

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