Brass: Lancashire (2018 Edition)


Brass: Lancashire is based on cotton entrepreneurs during the industrial revolution. The economic strategy game allows for players to build and establish industries to meet the demands for iron, coal and cotton.

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Brass: Lancashire is game where 2-4 players aged 14 years or over will experience the life of business owners throughout the industrial revolution. Compete against other players as you race to build networks between shipyards, mines, cotton mills, iron works and ports.

The game starts with the canal phase, but as players progress they can start investing in trains. Decide what is best for your business as you must meet the demands before prices begin to increase. Every action counts throughout the game, so be careful with your decisions as the player with the most victory points when the game ends will become the winner.

Brass: Lancashire Gameplay

Here you will find a simplified explanation on how to play Brass: Lancashire:

  1. Each round starts by players taking turns to perform two actions from the choice of building an industry tile, build a rail or canal, develop an industry, sell cotton or take a loan.
  2. After each turn, replace the two cards used with two from the deck.
  3. Turn order will now go by the amount players spent from lowest to highest.
  4. Once all cards have been played the canal phase will end.
  5. The scoring round starts by removing all canals and low level industries.
  6. Deal out new cards and the rail phase will begin.
  7. Players are now able to occupy more locations within a city.
  8. When the rail phase has ended, begin another scoring round.
  9. Add up scores and crown the winner!

Game Components

The full list of components for Brass: Lancashire can be found below:

  • Gameboard
  • Rulebook
  • 4 Counter Sheets
  • 8 Player Wooden Discs
  • 66 Cards
  • 30 Black Coal Cubes
  • 25 Orange Iron Cubes
  • Black Marker
  • 100 Plastic Coins
  • 7 Plastic Storage Bags
  • 12 Distant Market Tiles

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