Brass Birmingham


Go back in time to the Industrial Revolution and build industries in Brass Birmingham! Compete against your fellow players throughout both the canal and rail eras to score the most VPs!

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Brass Birmingham is a strategy board game where 2-4 players aged 14 years or over will build networks and grow industries. This board game is the sequel to Martin Wallace’ 2007 Brass.  Discover the history of Birmingham and the story of competing entrepreneurs during the industrial revolution!

Similar to Brass Lancashire, there is concepts of building Iron, Cotton and Coal industries. Throughout the game players must maintain a close eye on their competitors and take advantage of any connections where possible. Building new factories will help increase the network connections between the cities to sell their goods.

At the end of both the canal and rail era, VPs will be counted and the player with the most overall VPs at the end of the game wins!

Brass Birmingham Gameplay

Determine rounds of Brass Birmingham are using the turn order track and begin playing turns. Players will receiving two actions they can perform, such as building, networking, developing, selling, taking out loans and taking wild location or industry cards.

The game is played out over the canal era (1770-1830) and the rail era (1830-1870). Win the game by scoring the most VPs which are counted at the end of each half of the game.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Brass Birmingham below:

  • Game Board
  • Player Mats x4
  • Character Tiles x4
  • 56 Link Tiles x56
  • Cards x76
  • VP Markers x4
  • Income Markers x4
  • Coal Cubes x30
  • Iron Cubes x18
  • Beer Barrels x15
  • Money Tokens x67
  • Industry Tiles x180
  • Merchant Tiles x9

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