Boss Monster: The Dungeon-Building Card Game


With inspiration from classic video games, you can now build dungeons and destroy adventurers to become the ultimate Boss Monster. Play to find out if you can become a villain and gain souls!

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Boss Monster provides for 2-4 players aged 13 years and over to compete by luring and destroying adventurers with deadly dungeons. Beware, as adventurers may just kill you first!

Boss Monster is played throughout 5 phases: The Beginning of Turn Phase, The Build Phase, The Bait Phase, The Adventure Phase and The End Phase. Use your spells and abilities effectively as you only have so many chances to do so. The winner is the Boss Monster who collects 10 souls the quickest!

Boss Monster Gameplay

We have provided rules for all 5 phases below:

  1. To start the beginning of the turn phase, reveal one hero per player from the ordinary hero deck.
  2. Place these heroes in order beside the deck.
  3. Each player will now draw one room card.
  4. For the build phase, players will place one room facedown in their dungeon.
  5. Until these cards are revealed, players may use spells or activate card abilities.
  6. During the bait phase, spells and abilities cannot be used.
  7. Each player will check their dungeon to see if any of their symbols match the revealed heroes.
  8. If your symbols match, place the hero on the far left of your dungeon. In the event of a tie, the hero stays where it is.
  9. To begin the adventure phase, move your heroes throughout your rooms and apply abilities.
  10. When a hero exits a room with damage equal to its health, it will die.
  11. Defeated heroes are placed facedown to the right of your boss. This will now represent a soul you have collected.
  12. To win the game, you need to collect 10 souls.
  13. However, if the hero remains undefeated and reaches your boss monster it stays faceup and represents a wound.
  14. Collect 5 wounds and you are out the game.
  15. During the end phase, any rooms with end of turn effects are resolved.
  16. If all players meet the winning or losing conditions, subtract your wound from your souls to reveal the winner.

Game Components

  • 8 Boss Cards
  • 75 Room Cards
  • 31 Spell Cards
  • 25 Hero Cards
  • 16 Epic Hero Cards

How to Play Boss Monster

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