Bloodborne: The Card Game


Feeling brave? Take on the role of hunters and discover the city of Yharnam in this card game based on the hit video game Bloodborne for PlayStation 4.

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In Bloodborne: The Card Game, designed by Eric Lang, 3-5 hunters will enter the Chalice Dungeon but only one will escape. Suggested for hunters aged 14 or over, fight against brutal monsters and try to avoid death.

The town of Yharnam is being attacked by a disease spreading uncontrollably and turning people intro beasts. It is your mission to defeat the final boss in 30-45 minutes of competition against your fellow hunters. During Bloodborne the Card Game, you will find powerful weapons to aid in your quest. For example, the cannon inflicts damage to each of the other hunters. Think tactically as players may need to work together to attack monsters, but only one can survive until the end. The hunter to gain the most blood tokens when the game ends wins!

Bloodborne: The Card Game Gameplay

Begin your mission in Bloodborne: The Card Game with our simplified steps:

  1. All hunters choose one action card to use and reveal at the same time.
  2. Those who played a transform card must now choose a melee or ranged weapon card and reveal at the same time.
  3. Any card that has an instant effect is now resolved. If a monster is killed during this step it is immediately removed and the next three steps should be skipped.
  4. First player rolls the die indicated on the monster they are fighting. The result is the amount of damage the hunters take, reduce your health dial accordingly.
  5. If there are still blood tokens on the monster card after all hunters have dealt their damage, the monster escapes.
  6. The hunter’s dream allows hunters to recover from their wounds and upgrade their weapons.
  7. After all players are done with the hunter’s dream, the next round can begin.
  8. After the hunters have defeated all the monsters, they will face the final boss.
  9. When the final boss is killed the game will end. The player with the most banked blood wins.

Game Components

  • 87 Cards
  • 5 Hunter Boards
  • 5 Hunter Health Dials
  • 75 Blood Echo Plastic Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 16 Cardboard Tokens
  • 3 Custom Monster Dice

How to play Bloodborne

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