Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch


Want a quick way to play Blood Bowl? This simplified sevens pitch is ideal for those wanting to pass time, include younger players or wanting to learn.

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Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch is played on a reversible board and much small pitch so that less players are required. However, the pitch still features a turf field and astrogranite tiles on opposing sides with all the standard markings present.

A fast game of Sevens is a way for players to take out rivals, settle grudges and learn how to play the deadly game. This pitch is a perfect addition to any Blood Bowl collection and includes unique features on each side which match the dimensions of the standard game.

Blood Bowl is a game of football set in a fantasy universe where players participate in brutal matches. To win a game of Blood Bowl, each team must have a higher score of touchdowns than their main opponent. However, some players will kill their way to success as anger gets the better of them.

Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch Components

Start your matches of fantasy football using the following components:

  • One Double-Sided Pitch

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Blood Bowl


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