Blood Bowl Elf & Dwarf Biased Referees


Carry the weight of responsibility and ensure teams follow strict rules as referees. However, following complete rules doesn’t sound much fun, so theses referees may just take bribes.

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The Elf & Dwarf Biased Referees have the responsibility of enforcing the sacred writings of the God Nuffle as well as their duties of ensuring teams follow the rules, supposedly. Use these models to make your games more entertaining with bribe attempts!

Blood Bowl is a table-top game of fantasy football in a similar setting to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Create your own unique team of players and mix up different skills and unique styles. Winning a game of Blood Bowl requires a team to receive more touchdowns than their opponent. However, not all players like to play by strict rules and so some players will kill their way to success. Coach your new players and test their skills to create champions.

Elf & Dwarf Biased Referees Components

Build, paint and play with this miniature with only few components:

  • 3 Plastic Models
  • 2 32mm Round Blood Bowl Bases

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Blood Bowl


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