Dungeon Bowl: Blood Bowl


Secreted somewhere within a mysterious dungeon packed full of both chests and portals is a ball, and the teams must dodge treacherous traps, claim the ball, beat up the opposing team and score a touchdown!

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Dungeon Bowl places you as the coach of a team of players from the eight Colleges of Magic. As you hunt for the game ball you will need to avoid traps, go through portals, and rummage through chests in order to find treasure. You have power over the line-up and the tactics, but remember that it’s not the winning that matters, but the amount of carnage that you leave!

Dungeon Bowl is the game of absolute Blood Bowl mayhem which is played between two players. The College of Fire and the College of Shadows will go head to head against each other in the dungeons packed full with portals and chests. Are you able to score a touchdown, or will you be scuppered by any traps or opponents you encounter along the way?

This box contains everything that you need find the ball and score that touchdown!

Dungeon Bowl Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • 104-Page Rulebook
  • Quick Reference Cheat Sheets x2
  • Dugouts x2
  • Double-Sided Token Boards x6
  • Dungeon Tiles x16
  • Door Tokens x36
  • Dice x14
  • Plastic Templates for Measuring x3
  • Chests x6
  • Portals x6
  • Spiked Ball
  • Ogre Blocker
  • Ogre Runt Punter
  • Gnoblars x6
  • Dwarf Runner
  • Blitzer
  • Dwarf Blocker Lineman x3
  • Troll Slayer
  • Skaven Clanrat Lineman x3
  • Skaven Blitzer
  • Thrower
  • Gutter Runner
  • Dark Elf Lineman x3
  • Dark Elf Blitzer
  • Runner
  • Witch Elf

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Blood Bowl


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