Sanguinary Guard (Blood Angels)


Expand your Blood Angels Chapter with the elite Sanginary Guard! Including many assembly options and weapons to bring your unique miniatures to life.


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This 95-piece Sanguinary Guard kit contains the components necessary to assemble 5 multi-part plastic Blood Angels.

Warhammer 40k Blood Angels are one of the First Founding Legions of the original Space Marines. They are known and feared for being bloodthirsty during battles and suffering the threat of extinction. They suffer a terrible flaw, the potential to slip into the ‘black rage’. This descent into madness has unfortunately claimed many of their ranks and a cure is still yet to be found. Use this flaw wisely and tap into this rage during the most desperate fights for a high chance of success.

Blood Angels are haunted by the terrible death of their Primarch Sangunius during the dreadful Horus Heresy. The event left many throughout the chapter unable to recover from the memories. However, the golden armoured Sanguinary Guard continue to overcome their flaws and fully dedicate themselves to mastering combat, tactics and discipline!

We highly recommend using the popular Citadel Colour System to paint your incredible Blood Angels. Choose your method of painting and discover the wide range of vibrant colours that have all been designed to suit your Warhammer needs. Once your new minaitures are primed and ready, they can be introduced to the incredible battles of Warhammer 40k!

Sanguinary Guard Components

Find the full list of components for the Sanguinary Guard below:

  • Heads x15
  • Elaborate Shoulder Pads x15
  • Glaives Encarmine x5
  • Angelus Boltguns x6
  • Inferno Pistol
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Legs x5
  • Torsos x5
  • Accessories
  • 32mm Round Bases x5

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