Blockbuster Returns


Blockbuster Returns with another movie party board game featuring all our favourite movies from the last ten years. Name as many movies you can to win the ultimate movie buzzer battle!

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If you already have the original game, the Blockbuster Returns Game makes the perfect expansion pack. Simply add your brand-new cards filled with the latest films to the rest of your deck. However, do not fear as Blockbuster Returns can also be played as a stand-alone game and comes with its very own game board.

For all players aged 14 and above, you can take part in the head-to-head movie challenge where two players compete in the movie buzzer battle. To win this battle, you will need to name as many movies as possible that you can think of to relate to the theme found on the card. The winner of the movie buzzer battle will get six cards and first pick of choosing three cards featuring brand new movies. The cards you have not chosen will then be passed on to the opposing team. The team to complete the most cards wins!

Blockbuster Returns is the perfect game for all movie lovers with the aim to keep you and 3 or more friends entertained for around 20 minutes per game.

Blockbuster Returns Gameplay

Bring back the entertainment once again with the Blockbuster Returns Game by following these simple steps:

  1. Set up your very own Blockbuster parking lot.
  2. Split your players into two teams.
  3. To begin, two players will go head-to-head in the movie battle.
  4. One other player will flip a card and reveal the challenge.
  5. When you have an answer hit the buzzer and shout it out, If you are stuck the rest of the team can act out possible clues to the film.
  6. The winner of the battle will then take six movie cards and look at them privately while choosing three to keep to themselves and giving the rest to the player who lost.
  7. Using only one word, quote and act hold down your buzzer and start your 30 seconds. Your team members must answer with the correct movie for your card to be added to your collection.
  8. If you have time left after going through the three movies, you can move on to the opposing teams’ cards.
  9. Once the opposing team has had their turn, you can pick two new players and begin the game again!

Game Components

  • 100 Movie Cards
  • 30 Head-to-Head Cards
  • 1 Gameboard
  • Virtual Buzzer available on the App Store or Google Play

How to play Blockbuster Returns

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