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Do you miss Blockbuster? Well now there is no need to! The Blockbuster Game is the perfect choice to host your next board game night with lots of different movie genres for you to enjoy.

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For all players aged 12 and above, you can take part in the head-to-head movie challenge where two players compete in the movie buzzer battle. To be in for the chance of winning you will need to name as many movies you can think of associated with the theme found on the card. The winner of the battle will get first pick of six movies, choosing just three and handing the rest to the opposing team. The team to complete the most cards wins, and you can start the Blockbuster Board Game all over again!

The Blockbuster Game was released by Big Potato Games for all movie lovers with the aim to keep you and 3 or more friends  entertained for around 20 minutes per game. The easy to learn board game will instantly bring back memories from our time spent in Blockbuster renting our favourite films. Hopefully, you can remember some of those film names and win!


Blockbuster Gameplay

Bring back the entertainment with the Blockbuster Game by following these simple steps:

  1. Set up your very own Blockbuster parking lot.
  2. Split your players into two teams.
  3. To begin, two players will go head-to-head in the movie battle.
  4. One other player will flip a card and reveal the challenge.
  5. When you have an answer hit the buzzer and shout it out. If you are stuck, the rest of the team can act out possible clues to the film.
  6. The winner of the battle will then take six movie cards and look at them privately while choosing three to keep to themselves and giving the rest to the player who lost.
  7. Using only one word, quote and act hold down your buzzer and start your 30 seconds. Your team members must answer with the correct movie for your card to be added to your collection.
  8. If you have time left after going through the three movies, you can move on to the opposing teams’ cards.
  9. Once the opposing team has had their turn, you can pick two new players and begin the game again!

Blockbuster Game Components

Included in the Blockbuster Board Game is:

  • Blockbuster Signpost
  • Buzzer
  • 200 Movie Cards
  • 60 Head-to-Head Cards

How to Play Blockbuster Game



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