Black Templars Army Set (English)


The new Black Templars Army Set is packed full with fury as the Imperial Fists successors get tooled up for Warhammer 40k! Including 13 miniatures, with 12 being brand new, this set is a great way of beginning your new army or building on an existing force.


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This Black Templars Army Set has lots to offer for those starting a new army. Inside this set you will a range of components including a Black Templars transfer sheet which contains 226 decals, allowing you to deck out your Space Marines with symbols of zealotry and piety.

There is also the opportunity to get an early copy of the Codex Supplement: Black Templars. This version has an exclusive cover which features John Blanche’s artwork, all the way back from the third edition of Warhammer 40,000! This 80-page book contains everything you need such as rules, lore, stratagems, wargear, relics, and a bumper crusade section.

Black Templars Army Set Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Miniatures x13
  • Rules
  • Black Templars Transfer Sheet Containing 226 Decals
  • Codex Supplement: Black Templars
  • Black Templar Deck Cards

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