Black Orc Team: The Thunder Valley Greenskins (Blood Bowl)


Take the best players of the Black Orc Team with this set that includes Goblin Bruisers. Use simple yet effective tactics to gain victory, such as using the Black Orcs to crush other players while the Goblin Bruisers run with the ball!

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Forming their teams over the years, the Black Orc Team have been getting much stronger and smarter. Their only weakness was lack of speed, so the Goblins have been introduced to run the ball through gaps created by the Black Orcs. Use them for their speed as their little legs run with the ball to gain a score. Crush players and get your Goblins close so they can aim for the end zone, score and then repeat for victory.

Black Orcs are part of the biggest and strongest Greenskin races and are completely focused on war. Their name represents their dark colour and foul odour, however they still consider themselves to be ultimate warriors.

Black Orc teams are fearful as they are incredibly strong and easy to manage. The Thunder Valley Greenskins are well known for both of these qualities and added violence. This tough team is more focused and easy to play, all the components you will need are included within this set!

The Black Orc Team: The Thunder Valley Greenskins will make a great addition to your games of Blood Bowl.

Black Orc Team Components

Begin your incredibly fun games of Blood Bowl and expand your collection with this set! Including 12 easy to build players and also contains:

  • 6 Black Orcs
  • 6 Goblin Bruiser Linemen
  • 2 Turn Counters
  • 2 Coins
  • 4 Balls – 2 with Sturdy Spikes, 2 with Horned Beast Icon
  • 12 32mm Round Blood Bowl Bases
  • Transfer Sheet


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