Maggotkin Of Nurgle Battletome


This new Maggotkin of Nurgle Battletome includes some incredibly fun and new abilities! Such as the horrendous Diseased battle trait, an army-wide ability that defeats nearby enemy units!

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In this Maggotkin of Nurgle Battletome, you will learn all there is to know about Grandfather Nurgle and his corrupted followers who enter war using their rusted weapons and diseased touch. Discover the garden of Nurgle as well as the Grandfather’s quest to extend his rotting disease across the entire Mortal Realms!

The revolting worshippers of Nurgle live just to share their foul gifts with others. Given strength by the maladies who blight their flesh, the Maggotkin all serve their Grandfather Nurgle with great energy. Armies of the infected mortals will fight alongside the droning plague-daemons, in order to spread the plague to all.

This Battletome contains everything you will need to know and is a vital purchase for you Maggotkin forces!

Maggotkin Of Nurgle Battletome Contents

Find the full list of contents below:

  • Lore and Background Information on Grandfather Nurgle and his mortals
  • Showcase of Art to give inspiration
  • Warscrolls and Battle Profiles
  • Allegiance Abilities for all Maggotkin Armies – How the forces Infect their enemies, how to manage the Cycle of Decay and the Legions of Nurgle
  • Warscroll Battalions for your Path to Glory Narrative
  • Path to Glory Campaign Rules – Undertake Quests and Fight Across Battlegrounds
  • Matched Play – Grand Strategies x4, Battle Tactics x6 and Core Battalions x2
  • Photo Showcase- Maggotkin Armies and Painting Guodes
  • Background Information for each Nugle Unit – Including Rotigus and Horticulus Slimux

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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