Battle For Rokugan


Bring honor to your clan and conquer the realm in the Battle for Rokugan. Players must plan attacks, balance resources and outwit their enemies to win!

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Battle for Rokugan is a war board game where 2-5 players aged 14 years or over will bluff their way to victory.

Conquer the realm in this turn-based strategy game and outwit your enemies for success. Set during the Emerald Empire, clans will battle to gain control over the land of Rokugan and only one can become the leader!

Battle for Rokugan Gameplay

Battle for Rokugan plays over five rounds and goes through three phases of play. Starting with the upkeep phase, players will determine the first player by drawing cards. If an Initiative card is drawn then players will follow what the card says. If two players meet the requirements on the card then the closest player to the current first player takes over.

After five rounds the game will come to an end. Players will determine how much honour they have and add up the flower symbols for each province they control. Include any honour tokens that are placed down on the board and add 1 honor for every face up control token. The winner is the player with the most honour!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Battle for Rokugan below:

  • Game Board
  • First Player Card
  • Daimyo Screens x7
  • Territory Cards x22
  • Initiative Cards x10
  • Secret Objective Cards x12
  • Shugenja Cards x5
  • Scout Cards x10
  • Combat Tokens x189
  • Control Tokens x210
  • Honor Bonus Tokens x4
  • Defence Bonus Tokens x4
  • Shrine Token
  • Harbour Token
  • Battlefield Token
  • Peace Tokens x15
  • Scorched Earth Tokens x15
  • Round Track Token

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