Batman Fluxx


Change rules and winning conditions of this Batman themed card game. Players will need to fight against the growing rates of crime with help from Batman who will battle against all villains!

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Batman Fluxx is a card game where 2-6 players aged 8 years or over will play cards and change rules of this Batman themed game!

Batman is a fictional character who has dedicated his life to being a hero and fighting against evil. In this game, crime is growing and its Batman’s job to rid of all villains and save the day!

Games of Fluxx have constantly changing rules which are decided by players. For example, players will change how cards to play cards and how to win the game. This means that players are never entirely sure how to win.

Batman Fluxx Gameplay

Batman Fluxx starts players drawing and playing one card. Players also start the game with three cards, so they will add the new card to their hand and choose which card they want to play.

The rules of the game depends on how many cards are played and drawn. Goal cards will sets the requirements for winning, which is usually by collecting a number of keeper cards. However, just like the rules goals will also keep changing so players never really know exactly how to win.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Batman Fluxx below:

  • Keeper Cards x14
  • Creeper Cards x9
  • Goal Cards x28
  • Surprise Cards x6
  • Special Rules Card
  • New Rules Cards x24
  • Action Cards x18
  • Rule Sheet

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