The race is on to create your crossword full of banana puns in this fast-paced family game. Compete wherever you go as the game comes complete in a banana shaped pouch!

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Bananagrams is a simple and fast game for 2-6 players aged 7 years or older. Compete against your fellow players in the race to build your crossword full of banana puns. The 15-minute game comes with easy instructions to follow so all players can join in. First to complete their grid will shout “bananas” and all other players will check for any mistakes before admitting defeat.

Letters are picked from the bunch at random, so if you are out of letters and need a new one shout “peel” and all players will take an additional tile. If you have a letter you cannot use, shout “dump” and replace it for 3 more letters from the bunch pile. Continue the game until there are fewer tiles than players!

Playing tiles can be found in a banana shaped pouch, perfect for travel. Take this word game along with you on trips to the park, beach and even the pub. So, does this word game sound appealing to you?

Bananagrams Gameplay

Learn the speedy Bananagrams game with our easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Place all tiles facedown in the middle of your playing area.
  2. One player starts the game by shouting “split.”
  3. The rest of the players will now turn over their tiles as fast as they can and arrange their own crossword.
  4. First player to use all their starting tiles will shout “peel.”
  5. All players must now take one additional tile from the bunch.
  6. If you shout “dump” you can trade in your tile for three new tiles.
  7. Repeat until there are less tiles in the bunch then there are players.
  8. The first player to complete their grid will shout “bananas.”
  9. If their grid is free of mistakes, they are the winner!

Game Components

Including light-weight components so you can easily carry and store:

  • Zippered Cloth Banana Pouch
  • 144 Letter Tiles
  • Instructions

How to Play Bananagrams

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