Back to the Future: Dice Through Time


Are you a fan of Back to the Future? Play out the events of all three movies in this game of Dice Through Time!

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Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is a board game where players will act out events from all three movies and return any stolen items.

Travel through different years and locations in order to return back items through the use of dice rolling. To win the game players will have to race against the OUTATIME tracker and solve all events before the game is over!

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time Gameplay

During each round, players will roll the dice to determine their actions, which will include time travel, moving the Tannen family and more.

Using dice will complete events from the Back to the Future films. Once an event has been completed, draw an item card and return it by traveling to both the year and location listed.

During this the OUTATIME tracker will be reduced and the player will earn an Einstein token which provide one action to be used later on in the game. There is also the option to “ripple” dice by placing them down on your space and allowing the players in future years to use them.

Once all players have taken their actions, advance the tracker according to the year with the most unsolved events. Players must return all items before the tracker ends to win!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Back to the Future: Dice Through Time below:

  • Game Board
  • Player Mats x4
  • DeLorean Movers x4
  • Biff Standees x4
  • Plastic Bases
  • Dice x16
  • Event Cards x72
  • Item Cards x20
  • Paradox Tokens x20
  • Einstein Tokens x24
  • OUTATIME Marker
  • First Player Marker
  • Rulebook

How to Play Back to the Future: Dice Through Time

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