Leman Russ Battle Tank (Astra Militarum)


This kit contains all the components required to assemble the Leman Russ Battle Tank. This is the main battle tank for the Imperial Guard armies, and is well known for its deadliness and durability!


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This kit contains all the components to assemble the Leman Russ Battle Tank, the main battle tank of all the Imperial Guard armies. The heavily armoured and powerfully armed war machine is well known across the galaxy due to its deadliness and durability. One of the hallmarks of the Leman Russ is the adaptable hull, it can be refitted to a number of tanks including the Leman Russ Exterminator and Vanquisher.

The Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum army, also known as the Imperial Guard, is made up of billions of soldiers from a million different worlds. They use their overwhelming numbers and strategy to defeat the enemies of the Imperium. Without cadian soldiers, mankind would surely perish. Consisting of countless billions of men and women, their soldiers serve as the first line of defence for the Imperium. They stand defiant against the myriad threats which endanger the existence of the human race. For ten thousand years the force has bravely sacrificied their lives beating overwhelming odds in the fight for humanity.

We recommend using the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to assemble the battle tank and bring it to life!

Leman Russ Battle Tank Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x95
  • Option to Assemble Battle Tank, Exterminator or Vanquisher
  • Weapon Options
  • Wargear Options
  • Sheet of Imperial Guard Water-Slide Tank Transfers

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