Arkham Horror (Third Edition)


Travel back to the 1920’s in Arkham Horror where doom threatens to take over.  The city needs your help as the gates must be closed before the ancient ones bring monsters to Arkham.

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Arkham Horror Third Edition is a game for 1-6 players aged 14 years and over. Choose between 12 investigators with different skills and abilities in this battle that can last up to 3 hours.  Each investigator comes with a customizable starting kit so you can choose how you want to outfit your investigator, all having their own personal reasons for investigation the horrors of Arkham.

Each game features a different scenario all with a different map, monsters, encounter cards and set of story cards. All investigators should work together to defeat the ancient ones, the outcome is dependent on what the story cards tell you to do.  Finding clues will bring you closer to victory, but spreading doom can lead to the world being taken over. The fate of the world is now in your hands, can you save it from the ancient ones before it’s too late?

Arkham Horror Gameplay

We have provided a simplified overview of how to play Arkham Horror Third Edition:

  1. Each player can take two actions on their turn, choosing from moving up two spaces, remove doom tokens, increase a skill, investigate or fight monsters.
  2. Once all players are done the monsters will move.
  3. If a monster is in your space, it attacks and does damage to health or sanity and If you take too much damage your character is killed.
  4. Each character resolves an encounter card based on the region they are in.
  5. Once all encounters are done, draw two tokens for each player.
  6. Play these tokens until you win or lose!

Game Components

The components of Arkham Horror Third Edition have been listed below:

  • 4 Scenario Sheets
  • 12 Investigator Sheets
  • 32 Headline Cards
  • 40 Archive Cards
  • 36 Anomaly Cards
  • 96 Event Cards
  • 72 Encounter Cards
  • 12 Ally Cards
  • 28 Item Cards
  • 10 Spell Cards
  • 26 Special Cards
  • 37 Starting Cards
  • 12 Condition Cards
  • 62 Monster Cards

Arkham Horror Third Edition Trailer

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