Ankh: Gods of Egypt


Ankh: Gods of Egypt is an extremely competitive game where 2 to 5 players will go head to head. Players must fight to earn the love of the people, as only one god will remain!

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Ankh: Gods of Egypt introduces the ancient Egyptians who worshipped many gods. However, as times are changing the number of population who continue to worship gets smaller and smaller, with them melding gods together and just focusing their admiration on a select few. The gods are sensing what is happening and are now fighting among themselves in order to become the one god that the population adores. Only one will be worshipped and the rest will be forgotten.

This game is recommended for 2-5 players aged 14 years or over, with the average game lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt Gameplay

In games of Ankh: Gods of Egypt, players will each take on the role of a god of ancient Egypt. They will have to compete against each-other to earn followers. To do this they will need to dedicate monuments to their worship, recruit great monsters,  divide the desert with trade routes and fight to gain the love of the people. In the end, only one god will remain!

Game Components

Find the full list of contents below:

  • Rulebook
  • Game Board
  • Scenario Book
  • Plastic Ankh Tokens x5
  • Plastic Bases x20
  • Cards x46
  • Dashboards x12
  • Marker Bases x4
  • Plastic Gem
  • Tokens x197
  • Gods Miniatures x5
  • Warrior Miniatures x30
  • Guardian Miniatures x15
  • Camel Miniatures x30

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Fantasy, Medieval

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