Realmscape Expansion Set: Age of Sigmar


Add to the scenery of your starter sets with this Realmscape Expansion Set. Transform your tabletop into a battlefield and expand your scenery collection so it is worthy of your spectacular warriors!

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This Realmscape Expansion Set makes a great addition to your tabletop and is great for starting or expanding scenery collections.

Introduce the fantastical landscapes of the magical Mortal Realms with this new expansion set which has been designed to transform your tabletop into a space that is worthy of your warriors. Just unfold your brand new gaming board and set up your terrain to create a spectacular battlefield. This expansion set is ideal for expanding Extremis, Harbinger, and Warrior starter sets.

The pieces of Citadel terrain included represent the landscapes of the Mortal Realms, littered by the ruins of past civilisations that are traced back to the Age of Myth. One side of the board resembles the home belonging to the Kruleboyz in Thondia and the other representing the Ghurish plains.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a fantasy and war tabletop game set in the mysterious Mortal Realms. Assemble, paint, play and collect gangs of miniatures for all four grand alliances and witness as the battle between monsters and heroes comes to life. Command your armies and discover the epic stories behind the Mortal Realms all while engaging in eternal war!

Realmscape Expansion Set Components

Find the full list of components for the Realmscape Expansion Set below:

  • Plastic Dawnbringer Crusade Terrain Pieces x5 – 2 Guardian Idols, 2 Domicile Shells and a Pile of Pillars
  • Double-sided Gaming Board

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Age of Sigmar


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