Custodian Wardens (Adeptus Custodes)


Custodian Wardens are known to be level-headed and patient watchmen. Upon accepting their robes they made personal binding oaths to fight as immovable sentinels and protect the Emperor of Mankind!

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Custodian Wardens are usually recognised by their unique robes which are worn over their auramite armour. Their armour is covered in beautiful details such as eagles, gemstones and lightning bolts on every surface. Warriors are also armed with a castellan axe of guardian spear and interchangeable helmets and thigh plates. Each made personal oaths to fight as bodyguards, breaking these vows could result in punishment worse than death.

Adeptus Custodes are responsible for the protection of the Imperial Palace and Emperor of Mankind. They serve as the mot elite bodyguards and each have the skills and talents to battle any opponent. They have control over who enters the palace and when, this means they are very rarely seen outside of the world of holy Terra.

Shield-Captain has the option of 2 bare heads, chest plate, unique shoulder pads and set of ceremonial robes . He is armed with both the castellan axe and guardian spear, also holding a misericordia.

Vexilus Praetor has the standard weapon choices and carries a splendid ornate Vexilla.

This kit contains the components necessary to build 5 Custodian Wardens. There is also the option to assemble a Shield-Captain and Vexilus Praetor with a variety of weaponry and head options.

Custodian Wardens Components

Find the full list of components for Custodian Wardens below:

  • Components x78
  • Citadel 40mm Round Bases x5

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