A Feast for Odin


Command Vikings and explore new territories in A Feast for Odin. Players will collect goods by raiding local villages to increase their wealth and glory!

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A Feast for Odin is a board game where 1-4 players aged 12 years or over will hunt, craft, farm and explore the lands of Vikings.

Players will send their Vikings to produce goods such as spices, wool and silver to trade with others for more valuable resources. There is also the option to send ships to explore new lands and add more options to the game.

The overall goal is to fill your board with the variety of goods collected during activities. Place the tiles strategically and cover the spaces that raise your income and increase your wealth!

A Feast for Odin Gameplay

This strategic worker placement game allows for players to explores new territories and raids any the villages they may come across. Increase wealth and glory levels while taking part in activities such as collecting food for the Vikings. Once the game ends, the player with the greatest value of possessions is the winner!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for A Feast for Odin below:

  • Goods Boxes x2
  • Orange Eight-Sided Die
  • Blue Twelve-Sided Die
  • Large Action Board
  • Home Boards x4
  • Supply Board
  • Two-Sided Exploration Boards x4
  • Special Tile Board
  • Special Tiles x15
  • Extension Tiles x2
  • Round Overview Tile
  • Shed’ Building Tiles x3
  • ‘Stone House’ Building Tiles x3
  • ‘Long House’ Building Tiles x5
  • Mountain Strips x8
  • Ship Tiles x32
  • Silver Coins x125
  • Wood Tokens x32
  • Stone Tokens x24
  • Ore Tokens x40
  • Vikings x48
  • Brown Start Player Moose
  • White Round Tracking Cube
  • Starting Occupation Cards x45
  • Occupation Cards x145
  • Red Weapon Cards x47
  • ‘Thing Penalty’ Tiles x7
  • Food Tiles x117
  • Equipment Tiles x196
  • Sheep/Pregnant Sheep x18
  • Cattle/Pregnant Cattle x15
  • Plastic Bags x12
  • Appendix
  • Almanac
  • Rulebook

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