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    Age of Sigmar: Aether War

    £110.00 £86.95

    Enter a battle of madness, aethermatics and magic in Aether War – a massive battlebox that pits the ingenious Kharadron Overlords against the insidious Disciples of Tzeentch in fierce airborne warfare! Discover the lands of the Spiral Crux, assemble your armies, and do battle in the skies above!

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    Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress

    £10.00 £7.90

    Most Darkling Covens centre around a single powerful Sorceress; these despots may have apprentice spellcasters and captains, but their rule is absolute. Such is the supernatural charisma of the mistress of a Darkling Coven that almost anyone might fall under her spell.

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    Evocators (Stormcast Eternals)

    £35.00 £26.75

    The eyes of an Evocator in full battle rage flash with sparks, and veins of lightning glow beneath his skin – the same energy that plays over his tempest blade and stormstave as he advances, arcing outward to ground nearby. These bursts are deadly, and can blacken and scorch anyone nearby if not channeled carefully and consciously – when channeled in this way, however, this energy can be used to empower the Evocators’ fellow Stormcast Eternals with Azyrite energy. When their stormstaves and tempest blades strike the foe, the captive cables of energy that link their weapons wind around the enemy, burning them to the bone before leaping back to crackle between their masters’ weapons once more. Even an orruk horde will buckle under the intensity of a massed Evocator assault.

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    Kharadron Overlords Battletome

    £25.00 £21.10

    The Kharadron Overlords are masters of the skies, fearless duardin aeronauts who prize profit above all. They sail the clouds in steel-clad vessels armed to the teeth with cannons, bombs and bullet-spraying deckguns, matching the raw fury of daemons and monsters with devastating firepower. These technological wonders are powered by the lighter-than-air mineral known as aether-gold – the lifeblood of the great Kharadron empire.

  • Grand Alliance Order

    Paladins (Stormcast Eternals)

    £35.00 £27.80

    The mighty Stormcast Eternals wield blessed hammers to smite down their foes with righteous fury. This set contains 5 plastic miniatures compatible with Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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    Skink Starpriest

    £15.00 £11.90

    Some within the ranks of the seraphon are naturally gifted with intellects far superior to other mortals – the Skink Starpriests are definitive examples of this. Akin to wizards of other races, they excel in the ability to cast down the potent destructive energies of Azyr, burning up their enemies in scything beams of light summoned from a distant star.


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    Warscroll Cards: Kharadron Overlords

    £15.00 £11.99

    There are countless ways to interpret the Kharadron Code – but taking a similar approach to your warscrolls is a recipe for disaster. Make checking your rules in the thick of battle simple with these Kharadron Overlords warscroll cards, a quick-reference resource that’s perfect for any Sky Admiral. Find rules for everything from Grundstok Gunhaulers to Endrinriggers, and track ongoing effects with two pop-out card token sheets.


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