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    Evocators (Stormcast Eternals)

    £35.00 £26.75

    The eyes of an Evocator in full battle rage flash with sparks, and veins of lightning glow beneath his skin – the same energy that plays over his tempest blade and stormstave as he advances, arcing outward to ground nearby. These bursts are deadly, and can blacken and scorch anyone nearby if not channeled carefully and consciously – when channeled in this way, however, this energy can be used to empower the Evocators’ fellow Stormcast Eternals with Azyrite energy. When their stormstaves and tempest blades strike the foe, the captive cables of energy that link their weapons wind around the enemy, burning them to the bone before leaping back to crackle between their masters’ weapons once more. Even an orruk horde will buckle under the intensity of a massed Evocator assault.

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    Paladins (Stormcast Eternals)

    £35.00 £27.80

    The mighty Stormcast Eternals wield blessed hammers to smite down their foes with righteous fury. This set contains 5 plastic miniatures compatible with Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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